– The Regal Resident of Willow Grace Veterinary Hospital
Title: Hospital Cat/Social Media Maven/Chief Nap Officer/Staff Therapist

Background: Once a humble outdoor wanderer with no home to call his own, Sir Kevin’s tale is one of true rags-to-riches. Rescued from the streets, he has traded alleyways for hallways and now enjoys the lavish life at Willow Grace Veterinary Hospital.

Role: Sir Kevin is not just any cat—he’s our beloved hospital mascot and social media star! His duties include charming visitors, inspecting staff work, and making adorable appearances on our social media channels. Whether he’s “supervising” from the reception
desk or napping in his favorite spots, Sir Kevin brings joy and laughter to everyone he meets.

Personality: Regal yet playful, Sir Kevin embodies the perfect blend of elegance and mischief. He enjoys iPad bird (and squirrel) watching, making muffins, and has a special talent for finding the coziest spots to curl up. His purrs are legendary, and his
affection knows no bounds.

Quote: “From the streets to the suites, I’ve truly found my kingdom at Willow Grace. My job is to spread joy, one purr at a time.”

Sir Kevin is not just a staff member; he’s a cherished part of the Willow Grace family. Come visit and let him steal your heart with his royal charm!