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Heat Stroke is No Joke!

It may not seem like it but heatstroke season is about to begin. Surprisingly, it does not need to be that hot outside in order for your fuzzy loved ones to suffer from a heat stroke.

Aside from a small amount of sweat glands in their paw pads, dogs do not sweat and, therefore, cannot regulate their temperatures as well as humans do. So heat strokes are definitely a threat to our fur babies when the temperatures start creeping up like they will be this time of year.
The temperatures outside start reaching nearly 70 degrees in March and April which will is wonderful! Spring is near! But keep in mind that a temperature of 70 degrees outside will mean the inside of your car could reach 89 degrees in as little as 10 minutes and 104 degrees in only 30 minutes. These temperatures can be deadly to your dogs (and cats) so be sure not to leave your pets in the car. Even short periods of time can be dangerous.
Brachycephalic breeds like pugs, bulldogs, Boston Terrier, and Boxers that have flat faces have more restrictive airways and have an even higher risk of heatstroke.
Signs of heatstroke include:
????Very high temperature (hyperthermia)
????Panting or rapid breathing
????Dry or sticky gums
????Abnormal gum color
So please get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and let your pets enjoy it too but please be cautious with them and make sure they have breaks with access to a cooler environment and water at all times!
If you believe your pet may be suffering from heat stroke, please contact us at 302-378-9800 or your local emergency veterinarian right away. The licensed veterinary technicians at Willow Grace Veterinary Hospital are emergency/critical care trained and are also CPR certified to handle these types of situations.

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