Chris brings years of experience working in a general veterinary practice. Chris enjoys working with the patient and clients in the exam rooms. Chris focuses on growing live-long relationships with the clients and patients. Chris enjoys educating clients on keeping their pets happy and healthy. He wants their experience to be a positive one. Chris approaches the patients with a calm and patient demeanor. He believes in practicing the Fear Free approach and does it well. Chris has recently found an interest in emergency medicine. Chris grew up on his family farm in Smyrna where he learned of his love for animals. He has had live-long friendships with horses, chickens, dogs and cats. He attended Smyrna High School and went on to college at Fairmont State University in West Virginia. Chris has two tortoise family members named Phil and Lil. He also has five four-legged family members, Parker, Perry, Ellie, Snickers and Spaz.